Masjid e Hussain

Pir Sultan Fiaz al Hassan

Pir Sultan Fiaz al Hassan has contributed to Islamic society throughout the world by virtue of the Sultan Bahoo. The inner workings of the trust, it’s philosophy, goals and achievements are easily viewable on the Internet.

Examples of Hazoors work include setting up various mosques and charitable institutions across the world. Including the UK, USA, Tanzania, Caribbean, maintain Europe, mainland Asia and beyond. The key goal Hazoor has in their mind at all times is the protection, welfare and success of the Ummah.

Hazoor are a progressive thinker. This is to say that they believe in supporting people support themselves. A large project in Pakistan knows as Masjid Hussain has become a beacon of hope for orphans and poor alike. Children and young adults attend this institution and will gain a first class education both in Islamic studies and up to PHD level education in a given field. This is all free of charge to the users, the service is funded by a global network of donations that can accommodate and cater for their needs. From books and uniforms to tuitions fees, millions of children can avail themselves of this support should they need.

Beyond the practical Hazoor are a master of the spiritual arts.they are the current leader of the Sultani Sufi order dating back hundreds of years and their direct lineage is clearly visible in the Shajrah Sultania. Travelling the world professing the message of love Hazoor profess the importance of unity and strength in an otherwise uncertain time. Hazoor spend most of their time in gatherings and doing dawah, sometimes attending up to 10 gatherings a day spreading the message of Islam, tolerance, patience and other such virtues that all Muslims hold dear.

Of particular note is Hazoors emphasis on the personal and collective. Hazoor have time for anyone and all people. They are happy to provide counsel on a religious and personal basis, like the true shaykh Hazoor has time for all people of any creed, colour or way and are happy to spend time for the betterment of the religion.

In summary Hazoor have dedicated their life to the betterment of Islam, the Islamic community and preaching the true message of Islam, routed in love and happy cohesion of society.

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